Coach Craig

Having returned to New Zealand in 2010, after 9 years in Ireland, Craig set up Tri-Planet in New Zealand. Craig has achieved success at school boy level rugby league representing Canterbury four times and Southern Zone once. As well as representing the Canterbury Country Schools swim team. In 2006 Craig was selected for the New Zealand age group team for the World Triathlon Championships in Lausanne and followed this up with selection for the New Zealand age group team at the World Triathlon Championships in Vancouver 2008. Craig is a British Triathlon Federation  level 1 certified Triathlon coach, and a Triathlon New Zealand Level 1 accredited Triathlon coach.

Being a business owner since 2010, I've had a lot of highs and lows.  I've had extensive training in Management, Process emprovement and have invested a lot of time into personal development.  These tools are vital to ensure a successful business operation.


Moore Than Just a Triathlon Coach


Coach Craig specialises in providing a safe and friendly coaching environment to allow both triathlon beginners and experienced triathletes the platform to achieve their goals. Coach Craig also offers classes, mentoring and online coaching. But wait, there's Moore! Craig also provides coaching in business and health and wellbeing.


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Online Personal Coaching

full online training programme

With 3 different levels, the online coaching I deliver is customised to your needs.  Each athlete receives a full training program delivered online covering all required disciplines and any additional elements required e.g. weight training, core stability, or nutritional advise etc.   Furthermore you will receive weekly reports of your training so you know how your tracking.

Purchase monthly online coaching here or to find out moore, contact Coach Craig now.


Coach the Coach

Coach mentoring

Having coached at various levels my understanding of coaching delivery is something that I constantly work on.  The coach mentoring programme is a 3 step process, and is relavenat for all sports.  Firstly we meet to discuss the areas of coaching that you wish to improve or are unsure of.  Then I will review your coaching session based on the areas if discussion, using various methodologies.  Finally I will provide you with a written overview of my observations, and we will have an open discussion.  The important thing here is I'm not going to tell you how to coach, I'm going to make you a better one!




5 weeks :: 60 min session

The SwimWorx sessions run over a 5 week period and are designed to help swimmers of any ability understand and develop their swim technique and swim fitness. The session typically last 60 minutes (unless I talk too much!) includes warm up and specific drills and coaching to develop understanding of an element of swimming technique which is broken down to body position, rotation, kick, breathing, recovery, catch, pull and push


5 Weeks :: 60 min session

Runworx is a combination of run coaching, drills and bootcamp, focused on running muscles.  Ideal for beginner to intermediate runners and anyone looking to do some run specific strengthening.


Health & Wellbeing

personalised programs :: support and help

If you are wanting to take your health and well-being to the next level then send me an email ( and we can discuss your wants and needs.

Furthermore if you would like a free online health assessment and personalized supplement recommendations, please click here

Business Coaching

Mentoring:: business partnership

If you need to change gears with your business and want to take it to the next level or would like to partner with me in an exciting business opportunity then please contact me to discuss further. or phone Mobile 0211388068


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I really enjoyed the camp - you guys ran it so well - very relaxed and very well organised. I wish I had half of that information last year when I started out!!!!
— Anne McGrane