Swimming Classes

swimworx :: graham condon pool :: fridays 6:30am

The SwimWorx sessions run over a 5 week period and are designed to help both swim newbies and improvers to develop their swim technique and swim fitness. The session typically last 45 - 60 minutes includes warm up and specific drills and coaching to develop understanding of an element of swimming technique which can be broken down to body position, body rotation, kick, breathing, recovery, catch, pull and push. 


Open Water Swimming Classes

sundays 12th november 2017 10:45am

Open water class is aimed at those people who are new to triathlon or those who want to improve on their existing open water swim times. Held throughout the summer all participants must be proficient swimmers and be able to complete a minimum of 200m or eight lengths of a swimming pool without stopping.  Participants must have their own wetsuit, goggles and bring a bright coloured swim hat.



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The last time I swam more than 25m was at high school, 10 years ago. Even though it took me almost 20 minutes to do 400m. So when a mate asked me to swap a run session with one at the pool I was cringing at how it would go... I was right to be worried, the bottom of the pool at Jellie Park definitely
— Niall Murphy