Mental Preparation

Have you entered an event and then said, “OMG I don’t think I do it”?  This is more common than you think, when a new athlete joins me and suffers from this anxiety, I treat it as more of “I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’ll find out”.  The great thing about entering an event outside your comfort zone is that you will finish because mentally you are prepared to finish!

Today's Small Business World

Today it’s easier than ever before to start a small Business, some can be done alongside your current occupation.  All you need is an idea and a tonne of passion and commitment.  Although its easier to get started, there is still a lot of hard work ahead. 

The world of Business today has evolved an incredible amount and is more cost effective than before.  The coaching business I started in 2008, was exciting and challenging.  My new launch of Coach Craig Moore in 2017 is