Online Coaching - GOLD


Online Coaching - GOLD


$35 per week

Personalized – work on things the individual needs to improve

Goal Setting

Weekly Feedback

Fortnightly Catch Up Call

Monthly Face to Face                                                            

Fortnightly plan updates

Unlimited Contact to Coach

Monthly group technique session (free)

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I will be very transparent about the number of people I am coaching, and will take on a max of 20 athletes. There we be the occasional Group Social Outings or talks, also there may be mention of Hawaiian shirts!  

If possible I would like for you to do some Heart Rate and VO2 Max Testing, this will enable us to assign your accurate  HR with training zones, and make your training more effective.  Cost from $120.

No matter what your goal, if you would like to join the team, and spend more quality time with me (not sure if that's good or bad!), then let me know.  I'm super excited about my coaching goals over the next 5 years!

Initial Set Up
    Complete Coaching Form
    Face to Face meeting
    Establish training plan – current fitness levels, schedule Mon – Sun, 
    Establish Expectations and Methods of Operation – feedback (agree on format), check ins (agree on form format), 
    Set Goals
    Heart Rate Testing and Swim Testing

During Training
    Review training – make adjustments (tweak)
    Use checks for accountability and training/performance review
    Online Videos to demonstrate swim/bike/run techniques
    Monthly Group technique sessions – Free for Gold Only
    Testing sessions included in training

End of Training
    Close out meeting at end of season or coaching
    Share views and opinions
    Take lessons learned forward for next season

Form more info call me on 021 1388068.