JD Duathlon, The Enduro

What fun there is to be had in racing, the battles you have during the race, the body pumping with adrenaline, the muscles screaming at you to stop and the exhilaration when you cross that finish line!  The Enduro is a 2.6km run, 9km bike, 1.3km run, 9km bike, 1.3km run and is the 3rd and final race of the JD Duathlon Series.

As I’ve been in Denmark for 2 months I had missed the first two duathlons, but was determined to make this one.  Spent the morning before the race putting on my Tri-Planet wheel covers, they are really cheap and do the same job as a disc wheel (well almost!), go to www.wheelbuilder.com to get some! 

We arrived at the race and went to register and get organised, perfect day with dry conditions!  We had a few people from Tri-Planet racing so was good to see familiar faces.  There was a good turnout which is a credit to a well organised event, with no cars on the course Ruapuna certainly provides a fast safe course. 

Went to transition and racked my bike (note for any newbies - in transition always look for something that will help you remember where you racked your bike - I used a number 15 that was painted on the road for a speed limit and racked my bike there!).  Then spoke to some of the other Tri-Planet disciples, only to find that Natasha had a mishap while warming up on the bike.  She was adjusting something while cycling and her foot slipped off the pedal and went into her front wheel, ouch!  A trip to the hospital would later on show some damage and result in a cast for two weeks.  Hang in there Tash I’m sure you’ll be back training in no time! 

Open men went first so we were off at 10am for our two laps, I decided to pace this under race pace as I hadn’t done a lot of run training due to a calf injury.  Ended up second to last after the first run, doh!  Not to worry on to the bike which was my main focus for the race.  I felt good and soon started eating up the opposition, averaging over 33kph it felt great flying round the course.  Into transition and then the second accident of the day for team Tri-Planet!  I forgot that I had changed my cleats for toe clips (to make transition faster) and when I went to dismount I hadn’t put my left foot on top off the pedal.  Crash, slide, bang, oops!  The poor marshall, the look of WTF are you doing said it all.  I quick smile and a sorry and my grazes and I were off to rack my bike, then I forgot to take my helmet off when I started the run!  OMG what a laugh, I think my brain fell out when I crashed at the dismount line!

On the second run some of the people that I had passed on the bike passed me in transition while I was entertaining the crowd.  So I was like, “damn he got in front of me”, and had to ensure the gap either shortened or remained the same as I knew I’d get them on the bike!

Out on the second bike leg and it was time to catch everyone again and try to put some distance on them.  I got lapped by the leaders who were flying, but that didn’t deter me.  Ended the bike with my legs burning and I’m pleased to say this time I did a perfect fast dismount (much to the marshals delight).  Plus I remembered to remove my helmet.  I loved the third run, absolutely pushed myself to the max.  At the turn around I saw Paul  from Amberley who is part of the Canterbury Triathlon Club, we had been battling each other all race and he yelled out “I’m coming!”.  LOL, that just made me run faster Paul!  Crossed the finish line with lungs about to burst and Paul right behind me!

Great race and some banter afterwards, seems most people knew of my performance on the dismount line.  I was the only one to fall off my bike, the first aid nurse was stoked as she now had someone to mend!

Thanks JD Duathlon for a great series.  And to the Tri-Planet clan who all raced superbly, a nice 1,2,3 finish in the ladies novice to boot!

Tri-Planet Results:

Open Duathon Women
Louise Harliwich 4th

Open Duathlon Men : Open_M
David Molloy 8th

Open Duathlon Men : Vet_M
Craig Moore 7th

Novice Duathlon Female : Novice Female
Jacqueline Griffin 1st
Caren McKay 2nd
Tanya Nissen 3rd

Coach Craig