Getting your training started

Recently I had a conversation with someone who plays rugby and basketball but wants to target an Ironman.  Awesome, I said, how are you going to fit in your training? “I’m not sure”, was the reply, “I’m struggling to get things going”.

Getting started can be daunting at times no matter your sport, exercise regime or target event.  Hands up those who love pre-season training??  Not many hands!  Sometimes the thought of getting off the couch and doing some exercise is overwhelming so I thought I’d post a few of my strategies and thoughts below, I hope this is helpful!?

Swim Smooth Weekend Clinic

Swim Smooth Weekend Clinic

The last weekend in June I organised another Swim Smooth weekend with New Zealand Swim Smooth coach Russell Smith from Hamilton.  What an awesome weekend of swimming and learning.  The morning was spent videoing and then analysing the video’s and the afternoon we were in the water correcting technique.  It’s not often that you come across someone who has a great way with people and an awesome ability to coach.  So while driving to the Sunday session I asked Russell a few questions about some of the things he had seen on Saturday.