MY BOOTCAMP by Debra Tobin - Alexander

Who would have thought that opening up your local paper could give you more energy and help with weight loss and this almost sounds like one of those ads on TV, “But wait there’s more” what a cliché however in this case its true.

My name is Debs, I’m a 46 year old farmer and I need to lose 10 kg, there I said it, its out there and now I have to do something about it.  I’m on the go all the time with the farm and the animals, I look after them, better than I do myself, I live too far from town to do the take away thing and my pantry and fridge do hold a lot of healthy foods, but my weight problem is not eating poorly nor eating too much, my weight problem comes from not eating on a regular basis and also not doing enough aerobic & strengthening exercises.  So in my local paper is where I found this ad from “Tri-Planet New Zealand”, it's what I call my “Bootcamp”, it runs 3 times a week and I am so glad that finally someone has thought outside the box or dare I say outside the gym and started up a fitness program that anyone can do.  We all range in age, gender and fitness levels, its been really great to workout with like minded people and have a laugh as you go, our instructor is wonderful and if you have any injuries he works around them with you, that old saying “No Pain, No Gain” has totally gone out the window, nothing that is beneficial should hurt that much.

So I’m a great advocate of this “bootcamp” training that we are all doing, I have gained strength and lost my lower back pain coupled with some kilos, I have also noticed my body is changing shape, I have more definition in my muscles, especially my arms and lets face it, as you get older, that is one area that is the hardest to keep in shape.

I will keep you all posted on my progress but I would rather you all join me and have some fun in the process, I don’t know about you but I don’t much like hibernating in winter and just wait till summer, all this work would have paid off. (LOL)