Sugar Challenge Update

Well so far so good!  The first weekend without sugar was definitely the hardest, but I survived and I'm sticking to the challenge.  So far I've lost 1.3kg and I've not been exercising much or doing anthing else.  My diet has stayed the same albiet without sugar or products containing more than 4g sugar per 100g/mls.  I've also lost 1cm off my waistline.  I'm finding now that I don't crave sugar nor do I look for sweets in the pantry (which we have - tempting me!) like I use to.  It will be interesting in December when I try a sugary product to see what happens, you have to admit sugar is pretty addictive!  

To give you an idea of how things have been going I weighed myself on the 9th August 2014 at 85.9kg, when I started the challenge at the beginning of October 2014, I weighed 86kg, on the 12th October I weighed 84.8kg and then on the 23 October 84.7kg.  So by just changing sugar in my diet I've lost weight without doing much!  Exercise has been pretty poor, at best 2 to 3 sessions a week.  Still juggling fulltime work, part-time work and a 4 month old!  

So the mission, if you choose to accept is to join me in November, and be part of the challenge.  My aim is to exercise more and see what impact this has, I'll keep you updated on that.  Get your friends and family involved and make a change!  Its actually not that difficult, a little bit of organisation but not much!  I'll put up some recipes too that can help you on the way.

If you have been doing the challenge or thought about it and have recipes please contact me,  I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories!

Coach Craig